Meet the Team

David D.

Tech., Investigator

I got involved with the paranormal after I heard so many different people with stories of their encounters.  I never had an encounter until after I started investigating and capturing things that I couldn't explain, which made me a believer.  I now want to help others better understand the unexplainable through technology and research.  At first, I didn't believe, but once I started investigating, I realized paranormal activity is a reality. 

 Michele D.

Case Manager, Investigator

I became interested in the paranormal a long time ago when it wasn't the norm to go and investigate what was going on, much less talk about it.  I have lived with and experienced the paranormal first-hand and I know how it feels not to have answers.  I definately go into this believing, but also with the knowledge, that many things can be explained.  It is what cannot be explained that I am most interested in.  I now realize things that I have experienced are rare, but very real and can be startling.  I am most interested in helping people to understand what is happening rather than be afraid of it.

 Greg B.

Tech., Investigator

I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a small boy.  Things were happening that I could not explain.  My focus now is to debunk what can be explained and use technology to figure out what can't.  It has been amazing to see what is actually out there.

Melissa B.


My interest in the paranormal reaches all aspects.  I am interested in finding what is beyond our world.  And to help people to understand the phenomena that is occurring.  I want to let people know these things that are happening are very real and that there is help.

 Michele S.


I am interested in the paranormal because it has been a part of my life since an early age.  I have witnessed paranormal activity numerous times throughout my life and I am very interested in learning more, experiencing more, and finding out the truth.  I hope to help others who have questions about their experiences.