Case #12-03

Historic Bar and Restaurant

Watertown, WI

We found out about this awesome location after receiving a tip from one of our Facebook friends.  After talking with the owners and hearing their stories, we were excited to get in and hopefully capture some hard evidence for them.  After researching the location, we found that the building had many different uses throughout the years.  The building itself was constructed in 1854.  There were several stores on the main floor and in the late 20's, was a major department store until the 1980's.  It is believed that the building was also used as a speakeasy and also as a bordello on the third floor.  There is also a beautiful ballroom on the third floor.  After the department store pulled out, it was basically left dormant until the current owners bought it.  After arriving at the location, the owner walked us through and showed us where activity was occurring.  The first location was in the mens bathroom on the first floor.  The apparition of a man in a big top hat with a long tail coat was seen in the bathroom.  He has been seen a couple times by different people.  He has been seen when somebody would be washing their hands, they look up in the mirror, and see the man standing behind them.  As soon as they would turn around, he would be gone.  There is also another witness that said he walked into the bathroom and would see the same man walk through the wall that the urinals are on.  Other stories occurred in the basement by beer deliverymen.  One of them said that he took down his last case of beer, and when he turned to leave and walk upstairs, he heards footsteps right behind him.  When he turned around to look if anything was behind him, the footsteps stopped.  He hightailed it upstairs and was obviously distraught by what had occurred.  The owner saw that he was obviously upset and asked if he needed any assistance because he thought he was having a heart attack.  The delivery guy told him he was okay but asked if the building was haunted.  The owner then asked him what happened and heard the story.  A different beer delivery man had an experience in the basement as well.  He said that he was taking the beer down into the basement.  When he reached the door to the cooler and started to open it, he felt a hand on his shoulder.  It startled him and also asked the owner if the building was haunted.  Another witness, which happens to be the owners daughter, had an experience up in the hallway by the ballroom.  She was coming up the stairs when she saw the apparition of the girl walk into the hallway next to the ballroom.  She stated that the girl was wearing a Victorian dress with a big hoopskirt and big curls in her hair.  The witness watched her go through the doorway and followed only to find no one up there.  The owner had also seen the shadow of what he believed to be the same girl.  He was walking toward the bar from across the street and he could see the shadow of what he believes to be the same girl, walking right next to him.  He could see that she was wearing a big hoopskirt and had big curls bouncing as she walked.  He turned around and nobody was there.  We were also told of another incident that had occurred.  One day, some girls were discussing a picture of an orb that they took on the third floor by the ballroom.  A man sitting at the bar overheard the conversation and started to talk to them about the picture.  He then pulled out a bar stool and basically said if you're really here, come sit down next to me and prove it.  After nothing really happened, they asked the owner if they could go up in the ballroom and show the man where they had taken the picture.  After getting permission, the two girls, the man at the bar, and the owner all went upstairs to see where the picture was taken.  They went up there and the man continued to provoke, calling out any spirits that if they are there to do something to show him.  Being a skeptic, he thought that nothing was there and that the girls were just pulling his leg about the haunting.  The girls asked if they could see the basement and the owner said okay.  The man doing the provoking was the last person in the group to be coming down the stairs into the basement.  When he was at the third step from the bottom, he felt as if he was shoved down the last steps.  Apparently, he is not a skeptic anymore.  We have also seen the picture of the orb and were not able to duplicate it while we were there.  The owner also showed us another picture that was taken of a shadow person near the bar during a party.  It looks as if there is a shadow person standing right behind a group of people.  We also tried to duplicate the picture and were unable too.  It is a very good picture and a solid piece of evidence.  After hearing the many stories and walking throughout the building with the owner, we were really excited to get the investigation started and hoped we would be lucky enough to capture anything paranormal.  We did, however, have a couple of pretty good personal experiences.  At one point in the basement, two investigators were touched quite a few times and once could actually see her skin moving as someone was rubbing her arm.  At the same time, we were getting EMF spikes to help validate the claim.  Also, while on the third floor, one investigator felt a cold spot in the room.  It was 90 degrees at the time with no open windows anywhere up there.  It was very stagnant.

We did capture one odd picture.  If you look at the set of doors in the hallway, you see some wierd shadow.  And above it, you see two reddish light anomalies coming out of the top of the door.  Kind of wierd but we thought we should show it to you.

Historic Bar 1.mp3

This first EVP was captured in the basement.  You can hear one investigator say, "I'm going to go talk to them quick, please talk into the red light."  Immediately after you hear the investigator, you hear a voice say, "They're green."  The investigator is referring to his voice recorder that has a red light on it and wants "whoever" to talk into the recorder.  At the same time, there is a green laser grid set up and shooting towards the back wall.  Obviously, there is some intelligence in the answer that he received.

Historic Bar 2.mp3

This next EVP was captured in the mens bathroom.  You hear one investigator ask, "Can you tell us what your name is?"  At the 7 second mark, you definitely hear a voice.  It sounds like the name could be Vincent Crawford but we are not 100% sure that is what it says.  I amplified it so you could hopefully better hear it.

Vincent amplified.mp3

Historic Bar 3.mp3

This next EVP was captured in the womens bathroom.  The two investigators were getting fluctuating EMFs.  One investigator was standing in the middle of the room holding the MEL Meter and told "whoever" to come close to it and see if the numbers go up.  You hear her say that she was not going to move.  At the 9 second mark, you can hear a voice that sounds like it says, "I heard."

Historic Bar 4.mp3

This next EVP was also captured in the womens bathroom.  At the very beginning of the recording, you hear a soft, whispery voice say, "Go home."  It is a little hard to hear, especially with the flashlight turning off and on but was definitely audible in the recording.

This next video was captured in the basement of the bar.  You can hear two investigators talking but you see a weird light anomoly pass through on the left side of the screen.  It kind of looks like a bubble. 

After the many hours of hearing stories, investigating, having personal experiences, and capturing true evidence, there is definitely some paranormal activity occurring in the this old bar.  After capturing EVPs that answer questions and also a name, there seems to be pretty intelligent "people" still wandering around and maybe want to be known that they are still there.  The owners were happy with the evidence that was caught and invited us back to do a follow up investigation in the future. 

 Case #12-02

 Private Residence

Menomonie, WI

We were contacted by a very distraught homeowner that was hearing voices in her home.  We found out that her building was once used as a hospital and then later as a convalescent home.  After meeting with her, she was visibly upset and was extremely happy we were there for her.  She told us that she was hearing voices throughout her apartment.  The voices were telling her that she was going to die and calling her nasty names.  She claimed that the voices called themselves "God" and "Jesus" and also "Rachel."  She told us that she was also contacted by "Rachels" parents.  She was told that "Rachels" dad had killed the whole family but we were unable to find out if this was true or not.  We set up all of our equipment in the hopes of finding some answers for the homeowner.  While investigating, we did find that the home did have high EMFs throughout.  Other than that, it was extremely quiet and weren't able to hear anything out of the ordinary.  We decided to bring the homeowner in and use her as a trigger object in the hopes of stirring anything up.  She was able to still hear the voices but we couldn't.  Before wrapping up the investigation, we performed a house cleansing in the hopes of ridding whatever may be lurking.  We were excited to review our hours of tapes and recordings in the hopes of finding anything paranormal.  Unfortunately, we were unable to.  We threw around the idea that she may have some type of psychic ability that couldn't be ignored.  We also tried to see if we could come up with anything medically wrong that could be happening such as dementia or sundowning.  After repeated attempts at contacting her, we found out that she was receiving medical help that coincided with the case.  We will continue to keep in touch with her and hope she gets the help she desperately needs.

 Case #12-01

Berlin Tannery

Berlin, WI 

We received an email from Fox Valley Ghosthunters concerning the old tannery in Berlin, WI.  They were given the opportunity to share this location for flashlight tours, as well as ghost hunts.  We immediately returned their email and were able to investigate to see if we were able to capture anything paranormal that may be occurring.  Before we investigated, we wanted to try and find as much information about the building and see if any traumatic events may have taken place there.  We found that before it was a tannery, it was used as a cranberry warehouse long before it became a tannery.  The tannery actually moved into this building in 1923 after a fire broke out in their old building.  After moving here, it was sold numerous times but has always been a tannery since.  We weren't able to find any information that showed if there were any deaths on the property.  Many people have had paranormal experiences in this historic building.  The claims are footsteps, disembodied yells, things slamming, people being touched, and shadows blocking out lights.  There have also been numerous EVP's caught in the building, with some of the EVP's copying what the people just said.  We were really excited to get in this place and see for ourselves if it is haunted.  We did bring along a guest investigator named Mike that wasn't very well liked by "somebody" in this building.

This first video was captured in the basement and is called the touchy room because people have felt as if somebody touched them while in this room.  You can hear two investigators asking questions and you see the flashlight turn on and off.  This video is actually a lot longer.  The light was turned on and off about a dozen times for about twenty minutes but we cut it down to a little over four minutes.  After this video was shot, two other investigators went into the room to see if they would have the same phenomena happen to them, which they did.  They were able to get "someone" to turn the light on only a few times though.


This EVP was captured in the touchy room as well.  You hear one investigator say that there is only ten seconds left on this tape.  Right after, you hear a voice mimic her and say ten just like one of the claims of having someone copy what you just said.  It occurs around the 16 second mark.  By the tone in the voice, it sounds like a male and the two investigators in the room are both female.

quick yell.mp3

One of the bathrooms in the building creeped out an investigator every time she walked past it.  She would feel as if somebody was standing in the doorway watching her so her and another investigator went in there to see if "anyone" was in there.  You hear one investigator say, "Yell as loud as you can."  Around the 9 second mark, you do hear a quick, quiet yell.  And by the reaction of the investigators, they heard it too. 


At one point in the night, we were all together in a room that we called the echo room.  It is a pretty large room and one investigator was in each corner.  One investigator was saying that she was hearing a strange noise and another investigator said he could hear it as well but thought that is was in the room they were in since he was sitting by the doorway into the room.  At the 14 second mark, you hear a bang and the investigator immediately gets up and goes to see if the door was slammed by the supervisors office.  It was wide open when he checked it out.  Also, note the dust in the pictures.  They are not orbs.


The two girl investigators decided that they would try and see if they could get any responses through the ghost box.  At the time, they were in the room that we called the salt room because they would store the salt in this room when the tannery was still functioning.  You hear an investigator ask if "anyone" could say their name.  At the 4 second mark, you hear somone say "James". 

stupid creep.mp3

Also captured in the same room, you hear an investigator ask,"Why are you still here?"  At the 6 second mark, you hear a voice say,"Cause I'm here."  And at the 21 second mark, you hear a voice calling someone a "stupid creep."  I think someone is sick of us asking them questions.

you suck.mp3

This next piece of evidence was caught in the room that we called the plastic room.  We were told a couple of names before the investigation that were thought to be names of people that may be haunting the place.  Two investigators wanted to try out the ghost box again in this area.  You hear an investigator ask if anybodys name is Archie.  Around the 10 second mark, he gets a reply of "You suck."  Apparantly, "somebody" doesn't like him too much. 

mikes moron.mp3

During the same ghost box session as the last piece of evidence, you hear an investigator ask if there is any message we should relay to anyone for them.  He received another nice reply of "Mike's a moron" at the 15 second mark. 

there here.mp3

This next piece of evidence was captured above an elevator next to the hook room.  When we took the tour of the building, we were told that the steps next to the elevator just went up to the top of the elevator and that all that was up there was the motor for it.  One investigator asks if the other one went up there just to see it and they decided to go up the stairs.  You hear one investigator say, "Just the motor for the elevator."  At the 23 second mark, you hear a voice say, "There here" as if telling someone else that we may have found their spot.  The voice is pretty faint but is definitely there. 


Toward the end of the night, it was extremely quiet and not much going on.  So we decided to try to do a little provoking.  You hear one investigator say that the owner is gonna sell the place or bulldoze it down.  She does get an EVP that says, "No."  This occurs around the 8 second mark. 

Overall, it turned out to be a pretty good investigation.  We were able to hear one quick yell and some bangs and were able to see shadows moving about but it wasn't captured on our infrared cameras.  We were able to capture quite a bit of evidence though from the light turning on/off by itself, as well as a bunch of EVP's that we believe shows the place to have some intelligence to the ghosts that may still be working there.  We will being doing another investigation there when it warms up more so come back to our site and see if we are able to get some more evidence.

 Case #11-03

Historic Homestead Revisited...Again

Washington County, WI 

This is our third investigation of the property.  Please scroll down to the other 2 investigations to see more evidence and read about some of the history of the homestead.  At one point during the night, we seen a shadow run across a doorway.  Pretty short and very fast.  Unfortunately it wasn't caught on our infrared cameras.  Chalk another one up for a personal experience.  We caught more EVP's and also a strange light moving across an investigators face.

This first video captures a noise that one of our investigators heard in the beginning of the night.  We had the camera set up in his guitar room and were doing an EVP session in another room of the house.  We were telling "whoever" that the daughter of the family hears "them" making noise at night when she is trying to sleep.  One investigator says that she would like it if "they" wouldn't make noise at night.  At 26 seconds, you hear a noise in this room.  At first, the investigator that heard it, could not pinpoint where it came from or what it sounded like since he was sitting in the hallway away from the camera.  After reviewing the tape, we think that it sounds like metal hangers rubbing together.  There is a closet right behind the camera, but once we heard the noise, we asked the homeowners if we could check out the closet before the reveal.  What's really weird, no hangers in the closet!  And we asked if there were any on the night of the investigation and they just recently took them out and they told us that they never had hangers in there.

Hi in bar area.mp3

This next EVP was captured in the bar area.  One investigator says that the batteries in the laser pointer were dying and that she needed new ones.  As the investigator leaves the bar area and starts walking away, you hear a voice say, "Hi" around the 27 second mark. 

little girl voice in barn.mp3

Since we have caught a little girl voice on different occasions, we tried to see if we could make contact in the barn.  You hear one investigator ask if they are any children in the barn.  Then you hear some pictures being taken.  At the 27 second mark, you hear what sounds like to us, a little girl.  Not sure if she is saying anything or just humming but the sound is definitely there. 

voices in bar area.mp3

This next EVP was captured in the bar area again.  You can hear one investigator that is sitting in the bar near a voice recorder and you hear another investigator that is on the other side of the barn.  At the 30 second mark, you hear a voice.  We can't make out what they are saying, but you can hear it easily.  I amplified it to help you hear it.

amplified voice.mp3

This next video was recorded in the daughters bedroom.  You see two investigators asking questions.  At the 20 second mark, you can see a weird light travel across one investigators face, from his ear to out of frame.  What's odd about the light is that it changes shape across his face and you see a window without any light coming through so the light does not come from outside.  And these are the only people in the house at the time

Hey in barn.mp3

At the end of the night, one investigator walks into the barn after leaving a voice recorder running in there.  Around the 49 second mark, you can hear a voice saying, "Hey."

Once again, we were able to capture more evidence at this historic place.  The homeowners again asked us to return in spring to see if we are able to capture more evidence for them to keep with their other records that they have accumulated throughout the years. 


Case #11-02

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

 Louisville, KY

Waverly Hills Sanatorium.  Need I say more?  When we booked the place, all we wanted to do us get in there and start investigating.  The only problem was we had to wait six months.  Waverly Hills was opened in 1910 to accommodate only a handful of tuberculosis patients in a two story building.  But after many renovations, it became the huge complex you see today.  It is said that 63,000 people died while at Waverly Hills.  But, after the drug streptomycin was invented in 1943, the number of cases gradually diminished and eventually closed as a TB hospital.  The building was reopened in 1961 as Woodhaven Geriatrics Hospital.  After a lot of patient abuse, it also closed in 1981.  The current owners bought Waverly Hills in 2001.  They hold tours and host a haunted house every halloween, with all proceeds going to the restoration of the property.  The property has been on many shows including Ghosthunters, Ghost Adventures, Scariest Places on Earth, etc. just to name a few.  There are many claims throughout the building of disembodied voices, footsteps, shadow people, full apparitions, things moving, a doppelganger and a creeper.   Our investigation lasted 8 hours with a lot of great evidence.


At this point, we are in the body chute.  You hear one of our investigators ask, "Did they bring you down this body chute?"  Around the 11 second mark, you can hear footsteps.  It is a little faint and sounds like they are walking away from us.

This video was also captured in the body chute.  One investigator asks, "What was it like when you were here?"  We get a very distinct "Boring."


At one point, we were on the third floor and decided to try out the ghost box and see if we could communicate with "anybody" to see if they would want to talk with us.  A ghost box is a radio that a spirit can talk through.  The radio is modified so that it will scan through radio frequencies continuously.  You can hear the click, click, click, etc. as the radio continues to scan through the channels.  You hear one investigator ask if "whoever" has family here.  Around the 13 second mark, it sounds like "somebody" says, "kids." 

This video of the third floor ghost box session, we were able to capture more voices coming through the ghost box.  One investigator asks if the "person" talking is black and we were able to capture "someone" saying, "No.....white." 


While on the fourth floor, you can hear two of the investigators talking back and forth.  One of the investigators says, "Was that a bat?"  Immediately after this, you hear a yell in the distance

its me.mp3

This next voice was also captured using the ghost box while on the fourth floor.  We had a laser grid set up and were seeing movement with the lasers.  We asked if we were seeing "somebody" move or if it was a bat.  After an investigator asks, "Is that you?" you can hear a "Uh huh."  And after he asks, "Or was it a bat?" you hear a distinct "It's me."

This video was captured on the fourth floor.  We heard a noise in this room and were trying to figure out what it was.  After reviewing our tapes, we found this weird light outside the window.  It is impossible for it to be anyone outside since we are on the fourth floor and the only thing out the window is a forest.  It can't be a light from a flashlight unless that flashlight is 40 ft. in the air, gliding through tree branches easily.

I don't know.mp3

This next EVP was captured in the morgue.  We were deciding on where to go next.  You hear one investigator say, "Which way are we going?"  Right after, you hear a voice say, "I don't know."  I know that this is none of us saying it.  I also checked our 3 other voice recorders and both handheld camcorders and found that the voice was only captured on this recorder. 

look it up.mp3

At one point, we met up with the other investigators and were telling them about an experience that just happened.  At the six second mark, you hear a voice that sounds like it is saying, "Look it up."  Not positive that is what it says, but definitely a voice. 

door slam.mp3

While on the fourth floor, the girls were investigating together.  You can hear one of them talking with another on the walkie talkie.  At the nine second mark, you hear the door slam right behind them. 

In this video,  the girls are on the fourth floor still trying to make contact with "whoever" they can.  As they are seeing the laser lights move, they have a door slam loudly right behind them.  And by their reaction, was quite startling.


Soon after the second door slam, one of the investigators asks, "Were you here when it was Waverly or when it was Woodhaven?"  At the 9 second mark, you hear a voice that sounds like it is saying, "Woodhaven, Thank God."  It's a little hard to hear but is there.

close the damn door.mp3

While on the tour in the beginning of the night, the guide told us that the door to the surgery room will close on its own when nobody is in the building.  They will even put something in front of the door to make sure it stays open.  When the girls went to go into the room, the door was closed.  You hear an investigator ask if "they" don't want to be bothered.  At the 12 second mark, you hear a voice say, "Close the damn door!" 

im hurting you.mp3

We met up with the girls in the surgery room and decided to try out the ghost box again.  One of the investigators was getting a headache and asked if "someone" was giving it to her.  At the 6 second mark, you hear a voice come through the ghost box and it sounds like it is saying, "I'"  It is obviously not any stations that are on the radio since it goes through at least 15 with the same voice coming through.

yes we had fun.mp3

This next voice that we captured was also through the ghost box in the surgery room.  One of the investigators asks, "Did they operate on you in here?"  Around the 8 second mark, you hear a voice say, "Yeah, we had fun." 

don't care.mp3

We also caught this voice in the same ghost box session in the surgery room.  We were told by the tour guide that the doctor that used to perform the surgeries in here smoked heavily.  We asked the doctor if he could touch one of us we would give him a cigarette.  At the 12 second mark, he told us he didn't care.

After reviewing our hours of evidence, Waverly Hills definitely lived up to its reputation.  From a mysterious orb near a window, to voices and slamming doors, this location is definitely haunted.  The haunting seems to be pretty intelligent, telling us to close doors and answering questions repeatedly, my only question about the place: When can we go back? 


Case #11-01

Private Residence

Watertown, WI 

This investigation was led to us by a book that is about the history of Watertown.  "Wicked Watertown: History You Weren't Supposed To Know" was written by a local historian who has written numerous other books about the area.  In the book, it talks about the history of the house, as well as the haunting that is occurring in it.  After reading the book, we decided to try and seek out the owners of the property.  With many emails and phone calls, we finally were able to meet the owners and they gave us permission to conduct an investigation of the house.  The owners of the house have reported phenomena that was actually happening within the house.  They have heard footsteps, heard voices, and seen the apparition of a man walking into the bathroom.  They have also had their lights, T.V., and their radio with CD player turning on and off throughout their residency.  They have also been plagued with bad luck ever since buying the property.  They also told us a story that they had heard after moving in.  They heard that a man that used to live there, came home early from work one day and found his wife in their bed with another man.  He became furious and killed his wife and also the man she was with.  We have not been able to confirm or deny this story because of the lack of records about the property.  They also said that there has been a psychic that has walked through the house and said there is one man and one woman that are still there.  The psychic said that the woman is kind of a protector while the man is a pervert.  After meeting with the owners, we set up our nightvision cameras and immediately started investigating the house.  Some of the investigators did hear what sounded like footsteps in the upstairs of the home, but they were not picked up by our recorders.  At one point in the night, we did find a huge EMF spike on our K2 meter in the master bedroom.  Just as soon as it came, it was gone.  We checked the area more throughout the night but never got the spike again.  Could it be paranormal?  Can't really say.  But can't say that it is not either.  After spending a relatively quiet night in the house, we were all excited to go through hours of video and audio and see if anything else was captured.

EVP Upstairs Bedroom.mp3

This first EVP was captured in one of the bedrooms upstairs.  You hear one of the investigators say, "Those aren't eyehooks."  After a sniffle, you hear a man saying something.  We aren't 100% sure of what he is saying though.  It kind of sounds like, "I'm out."  Not really sure, but was still a good catch.  This EVP is at the 6 second mark.

EVP Living Room.mp3

This next EVP was captured in the living room.  You hear one of our investigators talking in the next room, which is the bathroom.  You can also hear two other investigators in the basement talking, but you cannot make out what they are saying.  The investigator in the bathroom is trying to make contact with "anyone" that might still be lingering in the house.  After she is finished talking, you hear a voice saying, "So what."  It is extremely clear and cannot be the other investigators in the basement because you can't even make out the words that they are saying.  The EVP is around the 11 second mark.

EVP Bedroom by Living Room.mp3

This next EVP was captured in the bedroom that is next to the living room.  You hear one investigator say, "Can you tell us your name?"  You then hear some shuffling around and a voice around the 18 second mark.  It almost sounds like, "Dirty Boy."  Could it be the voice of the pervert mentioned earlier?  The next EVP is the same, just looped a few times.

EVP Looped.mp3

This next video was captured in the basement of the house.  You can hear us talking outside.  Nobody was in the house when the loud bang takes place.  It sounds as if a rock was thrown against the water heater to us.

This video was also taken in the basement.  You can still hear us talking outside, but it is the small noise next to the camera.

This next video was also captured in the basement.  There are two of our investigators down there.  The weird thing about the cymbal type noise is that they never heard it when it happened.  We only caught it on our camera, not even on our digital recorders.  The sound occurs around the 7 second mark.

This video was also captured in the basement.  After you hear on of our investigators say, "Can you tell us your name" you see an orb in the middle of the screen and a little left, fly up and disappear.  It is very quick and is the only time that we caught it throughout the night.  You can see it around the 5 second mark.

In conclusion, we wanted to be able to give the homeowners some hard evidence that they did have some type of paranormal activity going on in the house.  We were able to do that and give them the knowledge of knowing more about what is occurring.  The homeowners did agree to allow us to come back and do another investigation so that we would be able to try and capture more evidence for them and try to get a better feeling about what is happening.


Case #10-06

Private Residence

Washington County, WI

After we did the investigation of the homestead (scroll down for that investigation), we were contacted by a different relative of the same family.  They had property right down the road from the homestead and were curious to see if they had any type of paranormal activity happening in and around their property.  They never had any claims of anything going on, but we decided to try and capture something they desperately did want.  We started out the night by setting up our DVR system and running cameras throughout the house.  One team went into the house and investigated, while the other team went around the property.  After a few hours, we changed things up and switched locations for the teams.  We investigated the house and property for approximately 8 hours.  It was extremely quiet and peaceful throughout the night, but still went through the hours of video, audio recordings, and tons of pictures, hoping to capture anything for the clients.  We, however, did not find anything after much provoking throughout the night.  The clients were satisfied with our results but a little disappointed to not have anything going on.


Case #10-05

Historic Homestead Revisited

Washington County, WI 

This is our second investigation at this site.  Please scroll down to see our results from our first investigation and also to read about the history of this site.  This time around, we were able to capture more EVP's and a disembodied voice.

This first video was taken in the barn.  You can see one of our investigators asking questions.  Immediately after she asks, "Can you tell me your name," you hear a voice saying, "No."  It's very soft and whispery, but you can definitely hear it. 

Revisited Barn.mp3

This first voice was also captured in the barn.  You can hear two of the investigators talking and behind it, you can hear a woman humming.  Obviously by our reaction, we could definitely hear "her" which makes this a pretty good disembodied voice. 

Revisited Barn2.mp3

This next EVP was also captured in the barn.  We were in the upper part of the barn and decided to leave and go into the bottom half of the barn.  You hear one of the investigators tell whatever is in there that we were gonna leave.  Right after she says this, you hear a very distinct voice say, "Hey, where you going?"  Almost as if it didn't want us to leave or maybe wanted to follow us. 

Revisited House.mp3

Our first EVP that was captured in the house is the old shave and a haircut routine.  You hear one of the investigators say, "Some old fishing rods," and does does the knocks.  Immediately after, you distinctly hear two more bangs, which they did not hear at the time of the recording.

Revisited House2.mp3

Our next EVP was captured in the upstairs of the house.  We left one of our digital voice recorders in one of the bedrooms while there was no one in the house.  You can hear whispering but can't make out the words.  It sounds like two different voices. 

Revisited House3.mp3

This next EVP was captured in the same bedroom as the previous piece of evidence.  You hear one of the investigators say that she doesn't want to be in front of the camera.  After she says this, you hear what sounds like a man yelling.  Maybe he's just trying to be heard.  Maybe he's in a lot of pain. 

Revisited House4.mp3

Our last piece of evidence was captured on the second floor of the house, in the attic.  You can hear somebody talking about flooring and says how he is confused.  After that, you can hear a sigh and then you hear something in the background.  It's very quick but you can hear it.  With our editing software, we were able to slow it down and can definitely hear what it is saying.

Revisited House4 edited.mp3

You can easily hear a voice saying, "Hide my wheelchair."  After hearing the voice, we talked to the family and asked if anyone ever had a wheelchair that they know of.  We found out that there was at least one grandmother that did, in fact, have a wheelchair.  We are not certain, for sure, that this is who was talking about the wheelchair, considering how long the property has been in the family.  But, still a great piece of evidence.

After being asked to come and do another investigation, we could only hope that we would be as lucky as we were the first time around.  But, after reviewing our evidence and finding even more, we were ecstatic.  This has been a ghost hunters dream location.  Not only have we heard bangs and footsteps, but also captured EVPs and disembodied voices.  We were once again asked if we wanted to return and investigate further, to which we immediately said, "Definitely."  Hopefully, the third time will be just as active and maybe we will be lucky enough to capture an apparition!


Case #10-04

Historic Homestead

Washington County, WI 

We were asked to investigate an old historic homestead in Washington County, WI.  The family has records dating back to 1842 when their forefathers came over from Germany and came to Wisconsin to start a new life.  Their records also tell how they traveled from Milwaukee to the land that they bought, how they built their houses, barns, etc., even how much it cost to build everything and how long it took.  Their records were extremely detailed and extend over 150 years!  The family that lives there now, which is in relation with the original founders, has experienced many things that cannot be explained, which is why they wanted us to investigate their home.  They have had many different experiences including doors latching and unlatching, footsteps, giggling, apparitions of a little girl and a man dressed in colonial clothes with no hands or feet, being hit with objects, being pushed down stairs, and a fan that turns on by itself without any power running to it.  That's just the house.  In the barn, they have reports of footsteps, banging on the walls, coughing, and a light switch that moves to the "off" position even after being tied with wire in the "on" position.  We were really excited to help since their daughter was afraid to sleep in her own bedroom after seeing the apparitions and hearing footsteps and banging throughout the night.  We started out our investigation by checking the EMF's in the house which turned out to be low.  However, we did hear the sound of footsteps throughout the night in the house.  At one time, one of our group of investigators did hear the back door open and close without anybody entering or leaving the house.  Neither of these instances were captured by our recorders.  But, we were able to catch quite a few of EVP's in the house and barn.


This first EVP was captured in the basement of the house.  You hear one of the investigators say, "I'm not getting one single EMF."  Immediately after you hear a voice.  It's quick and hard to hear but it says, "Don't set that there."  We were able to distinguish what it says with our editing program but wanted the original on our site.  Could it be talking about the handheld camera that I was actually setting down at the same time?  This picture also shows the fan that turns on without any power running to it.

girl bedroom.mp3

Our next EVP was captured in the little girls bedroom.  We could hear some faint noises in her closet which opened up into the attic space of the house.  You hear one of the investigators say, "I can hear you in there in the closet."  You hear a response almost as if it says, "Huh?"  The picture shows the closet door that was open at the time of the recording.


This next EVP was captured in the den.  It says, "One, two."  Not quite sure if it was counting the two investigators in the room or something else.  Only know for sure it wasn't the investigators saying it and wasn't heard at the time of the recording.

living room.mp3

Our next EVP was captured in the living room.  You can hear one of the investigators say, "I'm gonna sit right here."  Soon after this, you hear a whisper saying, "Yeah."


This next EVP was captured in the bar area in the barn.  You hear an investigator say, "Uncle Quinton's around."  And right after this you hear, "Been long, long time."  It's very hard to distinguish.  I tried to bring it out better with our editing program but is still very hard to hear.

barn 2.mp3

This next EVP was captured in the main area of the barn.  It's also very hard to hear.  You can hear one of the investigators breathing but in between you can hear, "Oh, Jesus."  It's very drawn out.

barn 3.mp3

This next EVP was also captured in the barn.  You hear one of the investigators saying, "This is a voice recorder.  It can pick up your voice that's it."  Right after she is done talking, you can hear a response saying, "Hmmm," as if understanding what she is saying.

This next video was taken in the upstairs hallway of the house.  Two of our investigators left their camera recording in the hallway and decided to check out a bedroom that is next to this room.  You can hear the other investigators talking in the other room, but after the loud bang, you can hear a little girl talking.  We think that she is saying, "Please Mommy, can we...sleep?"  It's a little drawn out but you can distinctively hear a little girl.

This video was captured in the barn.  After you hear the two investigators talking, you can see a shadow run across the table and up the ladder.  What's odd about the video is that you don't see anything running around.  If you capture the shadow of what looks like some type of small animal, wouldn't you see it run in front of the IR lights?

In conclusion, we were able to get a lot of evidence out of this investigation.  There definitely seems to be quite a bit of paranormal activity going on at this old homestead.  The family was extremely pleased with our findings and asked us to come back and do another investigation to try to get more answers.  When asked, we immediately said yes and are going to be there again within a month.  So, check out our site again and see if we are able to find more. 


Case #10-03

Ohio State Reformatory

Mansfield, OH 

We investigated the Ohio State Reformatory in May.  It is located in Mansfield, OH.  We were extremely excited to get into this location.  The first brick was laid in 1886 and took 10 years to complete.  It housed more than 155,000 men before closing in 1990.  It is also the largest free-standing cell block in the world.  It was also in "Air Force One", and more notably "Shawshank Redemption."  This prison has also been on numerous t.v. shows, like "Ghosthunters", "Ghost Adventures", and "Most Haunted Locations", which is what sparked our interest.  Some of the claims of this paranormal hotspot are voices, apparitions, people being touched, mainly females, things banging, and doors slamming.  We started out by taking a tour and it was a good idea considering how enormous it is.  You can get lost extremely easy with the lights on.  We were there from 8:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.  During the investigation, there was a point when I did feel as if something had touched my side.  I was about 10 ft. away from anyone and there was no handrail next to me, which I thought is what I leaned against.  We didn't hear any voices until after we started to review our digital voice recorders and captured more than just us talking.

O.S.R. 1.mp3

This first EVP was caught in Solitary Confinement.  This area of the prison, if you don't know, is where they kept the worst of the worst.  One of our investigators say, "Solitary Confinement Cells."  And then you hear something that we did not hear at the time.  It's pretty obvious what the voice is saying.  "See what I saw, open it."  We think the voice is telling us to open some of the cell doors and see what they had to deal with while living in these tiny cells.

O.S.R. 2.mp3

This next EVP was caught while walking upstairs toward the Chapel.  You can hear us on the stairs and one of our investigators asks, "Is this where he took us down?"  And then you hear the voice.  It's kind of hard to hear and very fast.  We were able to slow it down on our editing program and it says, "Could be" as if answering our investigators question.

O.S.R. 3.mp3

This next EVP was captured in the Wardens Living Quarters.  We walked into one of the rooms and one of the investigators asks, "Is there anybody in here?"  It's a little quick and kinda quiet, but you can definitely hear a "No" right after the question.

O.S.R. 4.mp3

Another EVP that was captured was actually caught in the Toilet Room.  This is called it because of the stockpile of toilets that were stuck in a room and there were lots of them.  You can hear me talking and then you hear a loud breath in between me talking and one of the other investigators talking.

O.S.R 5.mp3

Our last EVP was captured in the East Cell Block.  It was starting to get quite cold in the prison and one of our investigators says "The windows are all open."  I respond with "Well, maybe we should shut them."  To which we get an obvious answer "No."

Our last piece of evidence is this video which captured a disembodied voice.  It's not an EVP because one of our investigators actually hears it.  It's an obvious "Hi."  One of our investigators says "Hold it, thought I heard something."  He wasn't sure he did hear anything until we started to go over the evidence and found that he did hear something.

In conclusion, this was, by far, the best location we have been able to investigate.  Not only did we get a few personal experiences, but also caught a lot of evidence, which backs up the claims of this being one of the most haunted locations in the U.S.


Case #10-02

Private Residence

Waukesha, WI

We received a call from a lady who was genuinely scared to be in her house.  She had reported numerous things happening in her home.  Her reports included snapping noises that sounded like a belt snapping and popping noises, like popcorn, but loud, and was afraid to go into the basement by herself.  She would also hear a very loud bang, and even once heard a female voice inside her house.  It kind of sounded like we were dealing with poltergeist activity.  The occurances were noticed mostly between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m.  We started out our investigation by checking her EMF's in the home.  We were unable to detect anything that was high, although we checked everywhere in her home.  We then started to do EVP sessions.  While in the basement, two investigators were doing an EVP session, when we heard what sounded like a female voice.  It turned out to be just the neighbor's dog on the other side of the wall.

Another group was investigating the upstairs of the home.  While doing an EVP session, they could hear snapping noises all around them.  They started to investigate where the noise was coming from and what could be causing it.  They went outside and found that the wind had picked up and was causing a cable that was cut from her satellite dish, to be whipped violently against the side of her house, making a loud snapping noise that could be heard throughout the house.  During the night, one of the investigators had to use the bathroom.  After doing their business and washing their hands, they could hear what sounded like popping coming out of the heat duct that ran into the bathroom.  We decided to go into the basement and find out what could be causing it.  Turns out the water heater is very loud once it starts running.  The popping noise did sound just like popcorn, as the homeowner claimed she was hearing.  Also, around 1 a.m. we heard a loud "bang."  We ran into the basement and found that the water softener turned on and made a loud bang when it did.  After reviewing all of our video and audio evidence, we were unable to find anything paranormal that was going on in the home.  We met with the homeowner and showed what we found to be going on in the house.  She was extremely pleased with our results and is now not afraid to be in her house.


Case #10-01

Private Residence

Hartford, WI

We were initially contacted by the family because their teenage daughter was afraid to be in the house alone.  She said she had heard things either thrown or dropped in the kitchen.  After interviewing other family members, we found that there were other things happening in the house, such as voices, the feeling of being watched and an apparition of a child at the foot of the bed.

Our investigation started at 8 p.m. where we did an EMF sweep of the house from top to bottom to form a base reading.  We did find a base reading of .5 to 1.0 milligauss but did notice as soon as you flipped light switches, it would jump to 20+ milligauss.  Any exposure to these high EMF's (Electromagnetic Fields)  could cause dizziness, nausea, skin irritations, hallucinations, etc. depending on how sensitive you are to EMF's.

After we did the initial sweep, we went into the kitchen to try and see if we could figure out how something could fall or be thrown.  We walked into the kitchen and noticed that the floorboards moved very easily in this 100+ yr old house.  Also the refrigerator was not leveled, and with little effort, we could easily walk across the floor and make things fall off shelves and the refrigerator.  We then went on to investigate the house with digital cameras, night vision cameras, digital voice recorders, and EMF detectors.  During the investigation, we did not experience anything paranormal.  But after going through hours of evidence, we did find an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) in the upstairs bathroom which coincides with the claim of voices that were heard by the homeowners over a period of 4 years.

Hartford Residence.mp3

One of our investigators asks "Anything going on in there Max?"  And then you hear "NO."  Just for the record, Max is a cat and doesn't talk very good. 

After sharing our evidence with the homeowners, we determined the house to be not haunted, but could possibly have some type of paranormal activity going on.  We asked the homeowners to keep a log if any more activity occurs.  And if they ever need us, we are only a call away.


Case #09-01

Dartford Cemetery

Green Lake, WI

Our team has always heard the claims and actually saw the documentaries on TV about this haunted location.  So we figured we would see if they were true.  The claims we heard were shadow people, cold spots, glowing gravestones, the apparition of an indian chief, and being pushed off of a mausoleum.  We brought along our digital cameras and digital voice recorders.  We started wandering throughout the cemetery, asking questions and taking many pictures.  We did notice that many gravestones were broke and laying on the ground, by some ignorant and disrespectful vandals.  As the moon came out, we noticed that the moon casts a blueish glow on the gravestones, which we determined to rule out the glow that others were saying as paranormal.  Unfortunately, we did not see any shadow people or the indian chief as also was claimed.  I did sit on the mausoleum for quite some time, but was unable to get pushed off.  After going through hours of voice recordings, we did find some EVP's (electronic voice phenomena).

Dartford Cemetary 1.mp3

This first EVP was recorded about 19 min. into this EVP session.  You hear a camera taking a picture and then something that sounds like a voice.  We were able to slow it down and when we did, it sounds like "Go for it." 

Dartford Cemetary2.mp3

This next EVP was recorded about 30 min. into this EVP session.  We noticed some of the gravestones were broken and laying on the ground.  I picked one up and leaned it against the mausoleum.  You can see it in the picture.  I said "I wanna see if it does something different...what if it moves?" and then you hear the voice saying "Leave us alone." 

Dartford Cemetary3.mp3

This EVP was captured about 47 min. into this EVP session.  You can hear one of the investigators say "I hear something though." And then you get the response "Do you?"

In conclusion, because of the fact that we did get more than one, actually three excellent EVP's, that seemed to answer questions or interact with what we were doing i.e. standing a fallen gravestone and capturing "Leave us alone," there definitely seems to be an intelligent haunting at the Dartford Cemetery.  Also, we strongly suggest you DO NOT just go and try to investigate at night.  The police do patrol and they do like to give out trespassing tickets to anyone caught there after cemetery hours.  We heard the tickets are around $300.


 Case # 09-02

Founders Park

Cedarburg, WI

We decided to investigate Founders Park in Cedarburg because of the claims of paranormal activity that we heard.  The claims were a strong negative feeling, many cold spots that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, even on the sunny days, and the feeling of not being "alone."  We started our investigation with an EMF sweep and found nothing.  We walked around the cemetery, asking questions, and didn't in the least feel anything that was out of the ordinary.  After reviewing hours of video and audio, we did not find anything.  We can't say that there is paranormal activity there.  Yet, we can't say that there isn't either.