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Badger State Paranormal is a group of paranormal investigators that believe that there is something out there that is unexplainable.  We are located in Washington County WI, but are willing to travel wherever help is needed.  Our mission is to help anyone who needs assistance during their darkest moments.    After we are contacted by you, we will schedule a time at your convenience, to perform a professional paranormal investigation.  While investigating, we will be attempting to capture anything paranormal on our equipment and also try to see if any claims are merely naturally occurring phenomena.  If we are able to capture anything on our video or audio equipment, we provide you with copies of them, if you wish.  We bring professionalism and confidentiality for your right to privacy about the nature of your experiences.  All of our research is based on books, seminars, the Wisconsin Paranormal Conference, and other paranormal groups throughout the country, as well as EVP experts, demonologists, and clergy.  We take all claims seriously and are always here to comfort you when you need it most.  As always, every investigation is free of charge and always will be.

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Also, if you go to our investigation page and check out our evidence that we have captured, you may need headphones for some of them.  Thank you.

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