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Appleton - Appleton Curling Club

People claim to hear footsteps which is believed to be the ghost of an old customer.  Also, glasses and chairs are knocked over in the bar area.

Appleton - Dairy Queen

At one time, a bar stood at the location.  Workers now say they hear odd noises and lights turning on and off when nobody is near the switches. 

Appleton - Old Catholic Cemetary

This cemetary was renamed St. Joseph Cemetery.  People claim that they see a strange mist.  They also claim that there are cold spots throughout the cemetery and also an apparition.


Appleton - Secura Insurance Company

Before Secura Insurance was built on the property, there was an old pond which had pipes in it to filter the water.  There is a story of how a young girl fell in the pond, while on a picnic with her parents, and drowned.  People claim to hear the screams and cries from her and her parents. 

Ashland - Northland College - Memorial Hall

Their are reports of a ghost of a girl that either committed suicide or was pushed  down an elevator shaft in the 1920's or 30's.

Ashland - Rinehart Theater

Many reports of footsteps being heard.  Also, cast members have seen a door to the dressing room open, downstairs toilet flush, and then the same door close again.  A director has also seen a ghost on the stage. 

Aztalan - Aztalan State Park

Many people have the feeling of being stalked or hunted down by an unknown entity.

Baraboo - Highway 12

There have been reports of a male hitchhiker with a green jacket, black hair, and a beard.  If you drive pass him, you see him again about a mile later.  If you try to pick him up, he just vanishes in front of your eyes. 

Beaver Dam - Beaver Dam Community Theatre

Legend says one night a young girl that tried out for a play, hung herself in the loft after not getting the part.  They say her name is Lacy and she turns the lights on and off.  She is also heard crying and running up and down the stairs.


* Cedarburg -  Founder's Park

People claim to get a "negative" feeling and cold spots throughout the park.  They also have the feeling of not being "alone."


Delafield - Nashotah House & Seminary

It is said the grounds have been haunted since the mid-1700's by an acolyte attended the seminary.  His wife killed him by hanging him but it was ruled a suicide because she was having an affair with the dean.  On her deathbed, she confessed to her crime. 

Fond du Lac - Galloway House

Some of the claims are that you can hear people talking and moving around.  Also, you kids laughing in the playroom.  You can also hear dishes clanging in the kitchen.

Fond du Lac - Octagon House

There have been reports of a small boy that walks around in the house.  Also, this was once part of the Underground Railroad.  Visitors have reported hearing talking, yelling, crying, and scratching throughout the house and in the tunnels and passageways that are throughout the property.


Glenbeulah -  Glenbeulah Graveyard

There are stories of a man that hung himself and you see his apparition walking around after midnight.  And there is also a gravestone that glows.  This graveyard did appear on Unsolved Mysteries and they were able to capture paranormal activity.

* Green Lake - Dartford Cemetery

People have reported seeing apparitions moving around the cemetery.  Also, the feelings of being watched and not being alone.  People have also sat on the mausoleum and have gotten pushed off.

Greenbush -  Old Wade House

One of the earliest stagecoaches in Wisconsin, this historic site has a mild paranormal presence.  Tour guides have felt soft pushes in different areas of the house.  Also, the sounds of scuffling in the bedrooms.

Hartland - Hartland Inn

In the early 1900's, operated as a hotel and restaurant.  The rooms upstairs are no longer used.  One night after closing, workers heard a bloodcurding scream from the basement when there was nobody down there.  Also, an apparition of a little girl in Victorian dress has been seen in basement. 


Jefferson - Paradise Road

People claim of having an eerie feeling.  Also, have heard inhuman screams, seen short, robed shapes of people in woods.

Jefferson - St. Coletta's College - Serra Hall

St. Coletta is a college for people with disabilities.  One of the dormatories, named Serra Hall, has had the sound of footsteps being heard on other floors while no one is in that area.  Another claim is that the showers will turn on with nobody around. 

Lowell - Bridge

If you stop in the middle of the bridge, you will see blood dripping from the railings.


Maribel - Maribel Caves/Maribel Hotel "Hotel Hell"

An old 3 story hotel that is said to be once owned by Al Capone.  The feelings of being touched happens on the third floor that you can no longer reach since there is no floor up there anymore.  Also, the feeling of being threatened in the basement.  There is also seen a little girl near the entrance to the caves and the sounds of her singing.  Also, the sounds of moaning in and around the whole grounds.

Milwaukee - Brumder Mansion

Some of the claims of this historic building include footsteps, voices, bangs, etc. throughout the building.  Also, cleaning personnel have had their vacuum cleaner unplug right before their eyes.  Most claims appear to be playful though, according to the owners.


Oconomowoc - Fowler Lake

Legend says a man was fishing at sunset when he had a heart attack and fell out of the boat and drowned.  It is said he still haunts the lake every evening at sunset.


Oconomowoc - LaBelle Cemetery

People have seen a young girl walking behind the cross of this tombstone and drowning herself in Lac La Belle.  They have also seen her hands drip blood.

Oconomowoc - Oconomowoc High School

There are rumors of a boy that hung himself in the lower gym and has been haunting it ever since. 

St. Nazianz -  JFK Prep/Society of Divine Savior Seminary

The nuns that taught in this old school used to beat and even torture the boys that attended.  It is believed that one of the nuns hung herself and haunts the grounds.  Also, cries have been heard of the boys that were beaten.

Waukesha -  Tabernacle Cemetery

People have seen an apparition of a man next to the tree and also flashes of light next to a fence in the cemetery.

Whitelaw - Maplecrest Sanitarium

Once used as a tuberculosis hospital in the 1930's, it became a sanitarium soon after.  It is a 3 story, 3 wing building that can barely be seen from the road, yet you still can see the water tower.  It is said that you can see people watching you from the windows, doors slam, and the sound of people laughing.




Swann 4 Channel DVR system with 4 infrared cameras and 7" LCD Monitor


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